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If we receive 50 gifts on Pi Day, March 14, by 11:59pm ET, Solve members Putnam Associates, Red Carpet Capital Limited UK, and Kevin Xu will make a generous donation of $15,000 to MIT Solve!
About MIT Solve

"We will do more than talk about the greatest problems facing our world. We will set the course to solve them." -MIT President L. Rafael Reif

MIT has always been an engine for innovation. But at Solve, we recognize there are innovators all over the globe, with great solutions to problems in their community and the world. An initiative of MIT President L. Rafael Reif, Solve was founded on the belief that talent and ingenuity exist everywhere. As a marketplace for social impact, we find tech entrepreneurs from around the world and broker partnerships to scale their work—driving lasting, transformational change.

Over the last two years, Solve and its partners have committed over US $7 million to 99 incredible Solver teams developing technology-driven solutions to the world's most pressing problems. Amrita Saigal (BS ‘10) is ensuring women and girls in rural India have access to affordable, biodegradable sanitary pads. Dennis Yancey (BS ‘97) is using underwater robotics to restore our ocean’s ecosystems, while Rajesh Anandan (BS ‘95) is unlocking autistic talent by proving the value of neurodiversity. Beyond MIT, Solver teams are working to deliver life-saving medical products to patients in Africa, provide personalized learning for all students, and transform the documentation and prosecution of sexual violence.

All of this has been made possible by the generous support of our community, including alumni like you. By giving to Solve this Pi Day, you’ll help open the doors of a world-class institution to entrepreneurs from all corners of the world who represent the spirit of MIT. Donations are fully tax-deductible, and 100 percent of your contribution will go directly towards Solver support to help these teams pilot and scale their work.

As Anandan (BS ‘95) recently put it, “these [Solver teams] give us hope for a more equitable future.” We hope you join us on that journey as we push toward a future where everyone has access to meaningful work, quality healthcare and education, and a more sustainable environment. 
In the spirit of the MIT 24-Hour Challenge, we invite you to pledge your support for Solve’s programs by donating online today.

Thank you for your support,
Alex Amouyel
Executive Director
MIT Solve


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If we receive 50 gifts by midnight, March 14, Solve members Putnam Associates, Red Carpet Capital Limited UK, and Kevin Xu will make a generous donation of $15,000 to MIT Solve!
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