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About Terrascope

Terrascope is a learning community in which first-year MIT students take ownership of their education as they address complex, real-world sustainability issues. They work in teams to develop solutions, drawing on diverse perspectives, interdisciplinary research, and a supportive community. 


During Spring Break, students travel to a field site for an intense week of cultural immersion, during which they meet people who would be affected by their proposed solutions, see the problem in context, and deepen their commitment to the project.


Because of the spring field trip’s importance, Terrascope heavily subsidizes its cost, asking students to pay only a small fraction of the actual expense—yet some are unable to make this payment. Your support makes it possible for Terrascope to provide this life-changing experience to all of its students, without regard for their ability to pay.


“The most important thing I learned in Terrascope? The power of looking for the answers yourself. In most classes the professor tells you stuff, then you get an exam…. There isn’t a lot of teaching in Terrascope, but there’s a humongous amount of learning.”

-Joey Noszek, class of 2020


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Your gift will be matched on Pi Day, March 14! An anonymous alum has generously pledged to match any gift to Terrascope on March 14 up to $20,000.
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